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Escorting can be very rewarding but it does not come with out its own potential problems & risks. Most of the clients you will see are generally OK.

However, there is an alarmingly high percentage of so called “clients” that are out to cause trouble,

and if you have been escorting for any length of time you will have come across these low life’s.


Time Waster

The time waster – you know – makes an appointment but never turns up! Or they mess you around and then finally at the last minute cancel (if you’re lucky), often they won’t even bother phoning to cancel.

Unfortunately, the industry is riddled with these types, and they can cost you a lot of money over the course of a year.



What is a dangerous client? Simply put – one that physically harms you, possibly rapes and/ or robs you. Virtually all the dangerous clients that escorts meet are never reported.

In fact hardly any of the attack cases are reported and those escorts suffer silently. Generally, those that do get reported are when the escort ends up in hospital and the police are called.


The Answer To The Problem

What if you had a phone call from a potential client, and you had a way of finding out if they were a time waster, or worse – that they were dangerous.

That would be pretty cool right?

Well now you can find out. In just a matter of seconds, you can enter the phone number of your potential client in to the Time Wasters search bar, and instantly, if that number is in our extensive database, it will tell you. With information like that, you can be sure to stay saafe.Furthermore, if the number is in the Time Wasters database, it will tell you if that person is categorized as a time waster, or if they are dangerous. This means you have the information at hand to make a calculated informed decision.

It means that you ultimately make more money, and have a better chance of avoiding potentially dangerous clients.

Interaction From All Escorts

The Time Wasters system is constantly evolving. All the escorts that are members of Time wasters (and also Escort Buddy), continually add to the list. This is huge! I

The Time Wasters system is constantly evolving. All the escorts that are members of Time wasters (and also Escort Buddy), continually add to the list. This is huge! I

If You Are An Escort – You Need This System

There’s no two ways about it. If you are an escort, you need the Time Waster system.


A Message From Charlotte Rose

"Time-wasters are a real pain in the neck. They cost me time and money and I am sick of it. I decided to put something in place to help escorts gain back control for their working day. Thank God Time Wasters is now here, as now I can check a clients number and see if they are genuine or not. I can even add people that I come across that should be on the database, and this stops them trying it on with other it!" - Charlotte Rose


Look At What Time Waters Can Do For You

Time-wasters is a national database, and if you are a member, you can access it at any time to check to see if your potential clients number/s have been entered. This enables you to carry out your work with an extra level of security to help safeguard you and your business

The national database will help expose these people for what they are so that you can stay safe and in control of your valuable time

National UK Database For Escorts

  • Saves you wasted appointments from time Waster
  • Saves You Money
  • Helps you avoid the low life's of the industry
  • helps you stay safe
  • Other Escorts add to the Database
  • Could save your life

"How to stay safe from dangerous clients"


What Do You Know About

Your Next Appointment?


So you get a call from a new number. You set an appointment, but you know nothing about this person. What you do know is that he is So you get a call from a new of the three types below: -

  • He's a Good Guy
  • He's a Time Waster
  • He's Dangerous

For now, Time Wasters is available at an amazingly low price.



We donate 10% of all monthly sales to the UKNSWP Ugly mugs scheme!
Working together to keep you safe. xx